Simple T-Shirt Design With Software

June 18, 2017

At the leading t shirt companies, all of t shirt creator make concept of t shirts design such as artists and graphic design spend most of their time creating the perfect product design for the company. Whether it’s logo t-shirts, packaging, even models t shirt printing. All the companies in the world compete in creating quality products, thus promotion and expansion of t shirt printing company can be very scary.
See the condition it becomes a demand for t shirt designer understand the various graphic design program, how they use the program? Or what if you can not use the program?! How do you get started? What should you learn more?

Where did you start?

The first step that must be considered the designer t shirt printing is the media to be used. Media is like a weapon when you go to the battlefield, so it is highly recommended that you understand it. Whether with screen printing? Or with computer programs such as adobe Photo Shop, CorelDraw, adopt Illustrator, Corel Paint Shop pro to produce a higher quality t shirt printing design. Corel products are significantly less expensive, however, most designers prefer the superior capability of Adobe products. However, both companies offer free trials at their websites if you only need to use it for a one-time design! If you absolutely do not consider yourself computer savvy, some companies, like Design, offer design-consultations. These consultations offer customers the chance to get a personalized, original design without the customer having to think creatively.

How Should Use That Software?

Basic drawing techniques on the computer is not difficult to learn, because we are only required to remember the steps in running the program and also functions in the program. For example if we want to draw illustrator, use pencil or pen tool to sharpen the line, there are also tools to insert files that have been copied etc. If you can not understand manual guide you can download video guide program usage either Adobe Photoshop or Coreldraw on the internet.

Basic Design Principles

Now that you know how to run the software you will use, you also know the best design that will be used in making t-shirt printing. Continue to develop basic principles in graphic design, if you are very talented in this field it is an advantage for you because you will more easily learn it. First, ask yourself, “What is the message of my t-shirt?” Is it a corporate bank t-shirt or is it a sorority fundraiser t-shirt? Is it targeted for children or for adults? T-shirts for children can be brighter with fun fonts and shapes. On the other hand, if your target audience is adults, try to keep the colors limited and the font easier to read. Coloring on the design can use a mixture of available basic colors such as red, black, blue, and white. If you want a brighter color use a color that looks like red, orange, even yellow. You should also pay attention to whether you want to create a fashionable or more functional.

Fashion Photography As A New Form of Art

June 16, 2017

Photography, in general, is a form of art, but fashion photography, especially, is a further aesthetic form of art. Fashion photography has a long history. There have always been beautiful dresses throughout ages. Fashion photography came into existence when the idea of capturing pretty models wearing those beautiful dresses in order to sell the dresses came into play. Since then, this form of photography has come a long way.

As the time passed, new dimensions kept on adding to this art. It started with only capturing pretty models in beautiful dresses. Then the backdrop and set where the photographs were captured started being an important part of the shoot. Nowadays, fashion photographs not only show a dress and a model, but also show a mood, a theme. There’s a lot in the photographs, which is subtle, and which is for the viewer to decipher. As with the change in weather, there is always the launch of a new line of clothing and each of these clothing line have a theme, while the fashion photographs aim to capture and present that very theme or the mood. There’s a lot to be read between the lines in these photographs.

Rather fashion photography, nowadays, no longer is limited to clothing. It has expanded way beyond that. From bathroom accessories to kitchen utensils, now it includes almost every item that can be sold or advertised with the help of still photography. With the expansion of subject matter of this form of photography, the style and way of this photography has also expanded and varied. Whereas earlier, the subject was only dresses, the focus was majorly on the vividness and enhancement of colors. However, now there are a lot of experiments happening in this field. Now the focus has shifted to highlighting or presenting the mood or theme of the collection, whether it is of clothing or furniture or even electrical equipment.

With the emergence of online retail marketing and e-commerce strategies, there is another form of fashion photography emerging. It is called the still life fashion. In this kind of photography, clothes or objects are captured without models. Since online retail is on the rise, this form of photography is also getting highly popular, and there are numerous studios and photographers especially devoted to this form. Also, still life fashion is the form where fashion photography and object photography comes together. Object photography is the form of photography which focuses on capturing the inanimate objects. Photographers are nowadays exploring and experimenting with various forms of photography and developing this art to the maximum.